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Swampland October 26, 2010

The Literary Duo of Stanley Booth & Diann Blakely

I can’t think of a literary duo to match the matrimonial force of Stanley Booth and Diann Blakely. Booth, of course, is best known for his books The True Adventures of the Rolling Stones, Rythm Oil and Keith. In fact, in Keith Richards’ new book, Life, he mentions Booth numerous times.
Booth recently wrote an obituary about Jerry Wexler that was chosen by Greil Marcus for DaCapo’s Best Music Writing 2010. He’s also writing a Rolling Stones article for a textbook anthology edited by Steve Van Zandt under the general direction of Warren Zanes. Among other topics, Booth is working on a second collection of essays, Blues Dues, as well as a memoir called A Treeful of Owls.

Blakely’s books Hurricane Walk, Farewell, My Lovelies and Cities of Flesh and The Dead rank her as a great American poet. The two have been together eight years (married for six), and Stanley calls Diann “his ultimate wife.” I’m honored to have been a guest in their home many times where the literary mojo proves incandescent. We look forward to reporting Diann’s exciting projects on the horizon. Updates on the Literary Duo soon . . .

James Calemine